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Captivating Keuruu (english) (norm. 45€)
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KirjaKeuruu 0403000704 Y-tunnus: 1701527-6 Kauppiaan ehdot

Kiehtova Keuruu -kirja englanninkielisenä.

Come on a visual time journey, where the landscape are unique, life pulses in te town centre and strong roots give strenght to the countryside. Walk along the streets and country roads, and stop to ponder and understand life in the old days and today. In this book Keuruu is coloured by layers of history, touching the past more deeply, and from there, reaching into the future.

nimi: Captivating Keuruu
Kirjailija: Lea Lerkkanen

ISBN: 9789529340156
kustantaja: Digipaino Keuruskopio Oy/Printek